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At the middle age women dressed according to their status in the society.  Certain laws existed that regulated the dressing of those in the lower class.  The sumptuary law at that time did not permit the poor to dress fashionably.  These laws prevented them from any expensive veil or garnished girdles that came in silver, gold or purple colour.

Breaking those laws meant they were to be punished.  Women that were not of rich or a noble class wore dresses like tunics and kirtles.  Their dresses were made of wool or linen without dye.  Underneath their tunic, most of them wore a shirt. The costumes women wore were very influenced by the dressings of those in the upper class.

These dressings are of expensive materials like velvet, silk and wool. Kirtles are a major constituent of women medieval costumes.   The rich and noble women had worn tunics or dresses without sleeves, which reached the floor, just as the peasant women did too.  These are tunics that tend to reach the feet when they are worn beneath.

The difference, however, was in their material choice.  The wealthy chose luxe fabrics that had rich embroidery and were very colourful.   Tight and stockings were another dress they wore in the middle age.  It was usually worn beneath their dresses.

They also wore fur underneath their clothes for a warm feeling but as the time wore on, the use of fur trim became more common.  Their dressing too had become more elaborate.  As time went on the styles changed and the dresses the women wore became shorter.  There were decorative bands and borders on their sleeves, necklines and lower half of their dresses.

They made use of panniers to emphasize more of their waist lines. These are girdle-like pieces that make the hip shape look bigger. They made use of plenty jewellery and accessories. Women being particular with their figures put on girdles during that time. Then they also wore brooches which were quite popular in that period. The brooches which most women found fanciful were those that were made from gold.


The brooches were embedded with different kind of gemstones. There were some clothes that were conservative in that period. These were the ones designed to have high collars and some others designed with low necklines revealing only a reasonable amount of cleavage.

Women medieval costumes are known to have tight bodice. The tunics are usually designed to have an opening at the edge so that it can have a fuller look.  The costumes women wore were made from expensive materials with most of them having gold linings on it. We can see that the dress they wore with their social standing mattered.

To find that costume that matters simply visit http://iamsuperhero.com/. Although the nobles wore different garments than the poor and servants, there was one thing women at that period never wore.  The that are popular in today’s fashion were not known then.


On the 31st night of October every year, Halloween is celebrated as a holiday. The practice of Halloween intellectualized around the 19th century in Ireland was presented by the Irish immigrants during their traditional costume party. In more recent times, the Halloween holiday originates from ancient festival of Samhain held in Celtic. In the festivals, bonfires are lighted with people wearing strange costumes and their face masked. This was part of a ritual that mimicked strange spirits or mollifies them.

Halloween costumes focus on horrific characters like vultures, bats, vampires, ghosts, witches and skeletons. As Halloween became popular in the United States, the choice of costume varied to include fiction characters, super stars, generic classics like ninja and princes. Halloween events include trick or treat (or any similar guise), going for costume themed parties, watching horror movies, telling scaring stories, apple bobbing, prank playing, foretelling games. It also involves cutting pumpkins into symbolic jack-o-lanterns and much more. In other parts of the country, there are

Christian religious activities like church service attendance, going to the graves of the dead to light candles. The super heroine costume of the stunning Wonder Woman has fascinated and enchanted the mind of all nerds that are fashion conscious.

They love to display funky clothing in any costume or Halloween theme party.  Wonder Woman’s costume most eye-grabbing feature is its mini outfit of different colours.  The strapless outfit is crimson coloured and is mitigated by the Wonder woman emblem in the upper half which is of golden colour.  The bottom half has a navy blue colour and is embroidered in silver coloured sparklers that glitter. The two halves are thus perfected by a belt of golden colour.  This creates one of the most amazing Halloween costumes.  It comes with accessories that are of visual delight.  It comprises of a red cape, red knee-high stilettos, identical arm gauntlets, white stripes golden tiara and lasso that complements the combatting spirits of Wonder Woman. The jazzy daring super deluxe Diabla outfit, lengthy gloves and masks that decorate any one that wears it will set the carnival party mood and induce comic relief to the party environment.

Notwithstanding, the younger ones, in particular, the teens, tend to put on customized outfits and select the sparkling green Tinkerbell costume.  Tinkerbell is usually a costume of green elegant dress having a small Tinkerbell cameo at the middle.  This has a lovely petal skirt with tulle rounds covering it, off the lower half of the dress.

To make the Halloween costume very innovative, a pair of wings that are sheer white can be highlighted using light purple trimming.  It can then be affixed to the back of the dress. There are also accessories that can go with this outfit.  A blonde wig can be used to emulate Tinkerbell’s popular puffed hair.  Then again to give a mystical look to the wearer, a metal wand can be used.  Get this outfit at http://iamsuperhero.com/. It can make whoever wears it to draw all attention to the next themed Halloween party.

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